Here I have pictures of work in progress and compleated work.

The outside newly repainted

On the mooringSide view after the painting and roof work is complete. And before the work.

On the mooringJust before going back into the water. On hard standing befor the work.

On the mooringOn the mooring with the tide in. The before state.

The Parlour

The floorHere are the first fases of development of the parlour I have lifted the carpet, if you look to the right you can see an example of the carpet on the right. On the left are the old draw handels are visible. Before.

New draw handlesNext I replaced the draw handels with somthng slightly more robust

The Stove and TV with carpet off Next the carpet under the stove was lifted, unfortunately the wood under the carpet here was not quite as atractive. To complement the couches red color we painted the floor red. The stove and carpet off The final product

New draw handlesNew back door handel, see for the old version.

The Study

The Study is going to be quite a lot of work First I need to remove the bed then panel over all the wiring and plumbing. I also need to box over the exhaust tube and finally fit a floor! Before.

The study in progressThe bed is out but nothing else has been done yet the next step will be to panel the sides to cover the wiring and the plumbing.

The study in progressThe first panel goes in.

The study in progressThe last two panels are done. Next The exhoust will need to be boxed in.

This is the first faze hopefully soon I’ll have the finall pictures here too. Before as well.

Study FloorAt Long last I’ve got the floor starting to get going, I was begining to think it would nevr happen.

This is the first faze hopfully soon I’ll have the finall pictures here too. Before as well.

Study FloorRight the floor is screwed down. So the floor is finished now alll I need to do wire the power in finish to box over the exhoust pipe and put in the desk, and then I’ve got a studdy!

The Bathing Platform

The bathing platformA view of the bathing platform from the parlour.

The bathing platformA slightly more satisfactory approach to supporting the bathing platform, still needs work though. Before.

Brass wood guardA brass protective cover to save the wood from the chain. You can see the Before as well.