Presented below are pictures of changes I'm making to Chris E they are the pictures of ether how things were before I changed them or before they are significantly complete.

Where possible I have cross referenced the before and after pictures.

The outside of the Chris E The Chris E her self befor the repaint and roof work. After the work.

The outside of the Chris E On hard standing showing what needs to be done.

The Parlour

Looking towards the kichen from the far sideI don’t have many before pictures of the parlour in its original state but then again I’ve not changed that much. Looking towards the othere side

Still to do, I’ll be replacing the curtains with blinds and replacing the door handel to the outside with a simple brass handel.

To see the parlour looks now: Bathing Platform, Stove and TV and the floor.

Looking towards the kichen from the far sideThe old door handle, I had to replace it because it just pulled right off. Here is the new one.

The Study

The Study in its original role as the second bedroomWell it’s not a study yet. Originally this was the second bedroom which I am converting into a study.

The first phase was to remove the built in bed, the second picture on the right shows what was inside the bed. As you can probably see there was no floor below the bed. This slight problem means I’ll need to fit one. I also needed to remove the water butt over on the right and finally panel the sides to cover various pipes and wires.Whats under the bed?

The large tube running along the top is the exhaust pipe so it will also need to be boxed in.

To see how I'm progressing on the conversion.

The Bathing Platform

Support on the left This is how the bathing platform at the back of the boat is supported. The chains rap round the boats sides and are damaging the wood. I plan to replace these with a more satisfactory system.Support on the right