Sunset from my bating platform So This is the view from my parlour at sunset on a summers day. I thought it would make a good starting point for pictures taken from my boat. Over time I expect the number to continue growing.

Swans Begging. Swans Begging for food. They are the most remarkably aggressive beggars. The one on the right did a rather impressive impersonation of a Diesel engine starting up (although I don’t know if swans do mimicry).

The Marina at night. Yet another view from the back of the boat this time of the surrounding marina at night.

The strangely textured water you see is mud, the marina is tidal and the Chris E only floats twice a day. At this point the tide was Just coming in.

Out the back.My drawing board out the back, it’s a great place to sit back and contemplate what to do next.

The Kitchen and into the parlour.A view of the kitchen, I think it looks very welcoming.

A parlour light.One of the lights in the parlour.